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For a copy of the Express Insurance Certificate to be added as an additional insured on our policy, contact our office or fax your request to Attention:  Insurance Department at 586-293-6101.

At Express, we also believe that proper insurance is essential to protect you, the lender, from potential liability.

At Express, in addition to our bonds, we carry a $1 million dollar aggregate policy issued by an "A" rated carrier.  Rest assured, you are well protected when you use our services.

When hiring a repo agent or agency, don't just ask if the repossession agency is insured.  Demand to see proof of insurance before you send them any assignments.  Make sure that the insurance is the proper insurance for a repossession agency i.e., wrongful repossession, general liability, garage keepers and automobile liability coverage.  Some agencies, to cut costs, will get a "tow company" policy which will not cover them or you for any repossessions.



Express will recover all your collateral!


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